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Presentia is a Uruguayan company founded by a group of young professionals with the clear goal of becoming a world leader in software development

Our company specializes in providing software development and integration services, primarily on multi-layered web driven platforms. Our development team possesses a very high technical level and years of experience in designing, building and maintaining applications.

At Presentia we are very conscious that the elevated costs of adopting technology cause companies to constantly question their return on investment. For this reason the main focus of our services if to offer our clients, through the use technology, proposals with a clear value to their organizations.

Nuestra Misión

Our mission is to transcend the software factory and become business partners and technological allies of our clients, making them benefit from the best of our ideas and experience.

New office in Melo

In the constant search for new opportunities and to be closer to the Productive Country we have opened a new office in Melo.

JasperServer Solutions

We are now offering business intelligence and data analysis solutions based on the JasperServer open source platform.

New project in the health sector

We successfully completed our first Project in the health sector using Java technology.