Application Development
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Presentia specializes in developing custom software applications based on our customer’s information requirements, organizational goals and technological platform.

Our team of highly skilled professionals will work in partnership with you to conquer the technical challenges you face, innovatively applying the latest technologies and software engineering to serve you and your clients.

Presentia specializes in delivering complex solutions that target specific business needs and improve the efficiency of our customer's work process. The company's construction pattern is based on the best practices in the industry, which is why we are confident in delivering quality products on budget and on time.

IT Consulting

Integration of technology and business is essential for continuous improvement and innovation in an organization. With technology becoming an integral part of business, organizations are realizing the need of strategic insight and tactical guidance to optimize their growth and profit.

We’ll help you analyze your information requirements, finding the solution that best meets your needs.


Our application maintenance and support services are meant to provide you with uninterrupted working procedures for your business. This service is geared towards companies whose need to maintain their technological infrastructure is vital, but who do not have the human or technological resources to carry out the task.

The service provided can be tailored depending on your schedule and technical needs.

New office in Melo

In the constant search for new opportunities and to be closer to the Productive Country we have opened a new office in Melo.

JasperServer Solutions

We are now offering business intelligence and data analysis solutions based on the JasperServer open source platform.

New project in the health sector

We successfully completed our first Project in the health sector using Java technology.