Business Management
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We have a series of business management solutions which help improve information management and provide supporting tools for your organization’s key areas.

Presentia specializes in customizing, integrating and deploying these enterprise solutions, enabling them to interact with existing systems and data sources and adapting them to your company’s business needs.

Records Management

Records management solutions manage the records of an organization from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal. This may include classifying, storing, securing, and destruction (or in some cases, archival preservation) of records.

Our sophisticated web platform gives you complete control of critical business documents, a comprehensive strategy for records management and the total confidence of knowing that your records are in the secure and capable hands.


We implement CRM software solutions that offer companies the ability to grow customer loyalty through dialogue. Your company can integrate all facets of CRM operations - marketing, sales and service - to create customer relationships that yield productive results.

Business Process Automation

The goal of this service is helping our customers analyze, define and automate their business processes with the aim of improving the productivity and quality of their business.

Once the critical processes of the organization are identified and modeled, a solution is implemented using workflow or BPM tools customized so interact with the organization's existing information infrastructure.

New office in Melo

In the constant search for new opportunities and to be closer to the Productive Country we have opened a new office in Melo.

JasperServer Solutions

We are now offering business intelligence and data analysis solutions based on the JasperServer open source platform.

New project in the health sector

We successfully completed our first Project in the health sector using Java technology.